Archeology in Maewo Island [fr]

The Pacific Fund is funding archeological work in Maewo

from left to right Mr. Christophe Sand, Director of IANCP, Mrs. Dominique Vaysse, Cooperation Counselor, and Mr. Lazare ASAL, Director of VKS.

On April 29th, Mr. Christophe SAND, Director of the New Caledonia and Pacific Archeological Institute (IANCP) and Mrs. Dominique VAYSSE, Cooperation Counselor at the French Embassy, have signed a 2016 Pacific Fund grant agreement in the presence of Mr. Lazare ASAL , Director of the Vanuatu Cultural Center (VKS). This Vt 4,2 M grant will allow the institute to run an archaeological project in Maewo Island (total budget of this project: 8,4 M Vt).

Following contacts with VKS and with researchers working in the area, IANCP is aiming at setting up a collaboration project between New Caledonia (IANCP), Vanuatu (VKS), Australia (Australian National University), New Zealand (Radiocarbon Division, Waikato University) and French Polynesia (History-Archeology Department, Tahiti & Islands Museum).

IANCP will run its project on the south-east coast on Maewo Island in North East Vanuatu, one of the lesser known and most isolated islands of the archipelago. The main objective of this project is to work on traditional archeological heritage, i.e. dating from the last millennium before the arrival of Westerners.

3 main themes are defined :
-  Establishment of an archeological inventory, archeological digs and surveys in one of the south east coast valleys of Maewo
-  Embodiment of a collaboration with Vanuatu teams, integrating other experts
-  Increased knowledge on archeological heritage of the archipelago and on Oceania history.

Published on 10/05/2016

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