Inauguration of the Herbarium of Vanuatu

On Thursday, August 28th 2014, the Herbarium of Vanuatu was inaugurated by the Minister of Agriculture Mr David Tosul Butulso and the Development Counsellor of the French Embassy, Mr. Philippe Liege. This event closes two years of cooperation in favor of conservation and dissemination of botanical knowledge in Vanuatu.

Since 1970, Vanuatu has its own collection of dried plants. It is a memory and a reference for environmental and also cultural studies about the country’s flora.

Since 2012, France and New Caledonia have been funding three projects to build a new collection’s room, to acquire a cupboard suitable for storing dried plants, to establish a database with online consultation and to train young people in botany. A book is also planned for 2015 to present to the general public some 250 species from Vanuatu.

Ni-vanuatu partners (Forestry Department, VARTC - Vanuatu agricultural research and technical Center), French partners (IRD – Institute of Research for Development and CIRAD - French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development) and Caledonian partners (IAC – Caledonian Agronomic Institute) were fully involved in these projects. Research must now continue to know more about the country’s plant biodiversity and to better preserve it and use it !

Published on 04/09/2014

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