Last selection round for the 2013 micro projects program of the French Embassy. [fr]

On November 22th 2013, the micro-projects selection committee chaired by the French Ambassador, Mr. Michel Djokovic, held its meeting at the French Embassy, in the presence of Mr. Stuart Manon, representative of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and of Mr. Daniel Morsen, representative of the civil society in his capacity as director of Youth Challenge association. The purpose of this meeting was to approve the community projects to be funded mainly through the last instalment of the 2013 “Fonds Social de Développement”.

The aim of the French Embassy’s micro-projects program is to provide people living mainly in remote areas with access to basic needs, such as drinking water, good conditions of education, health facilities and the possibility to launch and to develop economic activities for the local communities.
This program of the French Embassy is funded through the “Fonds Social de Développement” (FSD), which amounts to 500 000€ (around 60M Vatus) for the 2010-2013 period. For the last instalment in 2013, 21 micro-projects have been approved for a global amount of 8M Vatus.

A third of the selected projects concern schools and education, mainly to complete renovation of classrooms for primary schools such as the School of Loné on Ambae or the Primary School of Futukaï on Paama.
The community needs in terms of drinkable water are still very numerous, that is why the FSD has answered positively to requests for funding water tanks in remote communities located on Mota, Vanualava and Erromango islands.
Moreover in order to address the communities’ needs in terms of economic development, the committee has striven to choose projects aiming at women empowerment by supporting women associations in Fresh Wota (Port Vila) and in Vanjevert, on North Ambrym. Finally, regarding the health sector, the French Embassy is supporting a project of the Vanuatu National Council of Women with the aim to launch a breast cancer prevention campaign all around Vanuatu.

The micro-projects program appears to be a very efficient tool for development, as each micro-project is a direct answer to a direct need expressed by the communities themselves who set up and manage successfully their own project.

The next selection round should take place around May or April 2014. If you are interested to get more information about this program, please click-here.

Published on 04/09/2014

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