1. Objectives

The program for financing development micro-projects aims to:

•Directly finance small projects initiated by local communities, general interest minded individuals or civil society organizations.
•Strengthen local capacities through involvement in projects aiming at a fair and collective benefit and meeting the needs of the beneficiaries in order to improve the living conditions of the local communities concerned.

2. Sectors

To be eligible, the micro-projects have to be related at least to one of the following priority themes: sustainable economic development, water access, education, health, social development and women empowerment.

3. Project leaders

The persons in charge for the micro-projects might be:
•One (or more) community(ies)
•Organizations active in diverse sectors
•Local Associations
•Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) based in Vanuatu
•Individuals leading a general interest project.

Only one project can be received by project leader.

4. Screening process

1.Micro-project leaders will be met at the French Embassy. (Cooperation and Cultural Action Service - SCAC) in order to check the project compliance to funding criteria and to get advice on the elaboration of the proposal.

2.The project manager writes the micro-project proposal. Some documents are requested (quotations, detailed budget, letter signed by the beneficiaries, letter of the regional planner etc.) and have to be attached to the project proposal file. The micro-project financing can not exceed 1 000 000 vatu.

3.Registering the micro-project with SCAC. SCAC may further contact or meet the project manager in order to request complementary or more detailed information.

4.The micro-projects are selected by the Selection Committee staffed by representatives of the Prime Minister Coordination Service, of Vanuatu civil society organizations and project officers from SCAC.

5.When a micro-project is selected, the community commits itself to provide local materials, to finance the transport of the equipments and materials and to provide the necessary workforce for the implementation of the project.

6.Implementation of the selected micro-projects: the project manager must sign a commitment letter addressed to the French Embassy regarding the smooth progress of the project and its implementation within six months.

7.Micro-projects monitoring: a follow up process is undertaken during the implementation of the project. After completion, the project leader must submit a report.

All the documents can be written in one of the Vanuatu official language: French, English or Bislama

5. Micro-project financed

Since 2006 over 200 micro-projects have been financed for a total sum exceeding 100 billion vatu. Some examples can be found below:

- Purchase of poly pipes to install a water system between a the water source and the village;
- Purchase of water tanks for a community;
- Renovation of two classrooms in a school;
- Building a school library;
- Purchase of 30 sewing machines for a women’s association;
- Fitting out a rural training centre;
- Purchase of materials for a nursery construction.

6. Example of financing not accepted by the French Embassy

- Purchase of land or premises
- Salary or financial compensations
- Staff transportation costs
- Food donations
- Sponsoring, electoral propaganda, religious minded project

7. How to compile an application file

The application form for micro-project financing is available from SCAC at the French Embassy.
8. Contact
For any question relative to the micro-project program, please contact:

Jennifer Audebert

Project Manager Cooperation and Cultural section
French Embassy,

Lini Highway - BP 88, Port Vila.

Tel : 28700

E-mail : jennifer.audebert@diplomatie.gouv.fr

Published on 22/04/2014

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