Opening of a Year 14 class in Montmartre [fr]

An agreement concerning the Diploma for Access to University Studies (DAEU) in Vanuatu was signed on 28 June at the Ministry of Education and Training

From left to right, Timothée KOLOMULE, Director of AUF, Alain du BOISPEAN, French Ambassador, Jean-Pierre NIRUA, Minister of Education, Training and Francophonie, Gaël LAGADEC, President of the University of New-Caledonia, Goretti LUNABEK, Principal of Lycée Louis Antoine de Bougainvill,e and Simon BANGUS, Principal of Lycée de Montmartre.

The Minister of Education and Training, Mr. Jean-Pierre NIRUA, the French Ambassador, Mr. Alain du BOISPEAN, the President of the University of New Caledonia (UNC), Mr. Gaël LAGADEC, the director of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), Mr. Timothée KOLOMULE, the principal of the Lycée Louis Antoine de Bougainville, Mrs. Goretti LUNABEK and the principal of the Lycée de Montmartre, Mr. Simon BANGUS, signed the agreement whose aim is to organize the studies for the Diploma for access to university studies for the next six years.
After the signature ceremony, the UNC President, Mr. LAGADEC had a meeting with the Minister of Education, Training and Francophonie, Mr. Jean-Pierre NIRUA, and the Prime Minister of Vanuatu, Mr. Charlot SALWAI Tabimasmas to exchange on cooperation perspectives in university and research.

Before leaving Vanuatu, the President of University of New-Caledonia visited the Lycée de Montmartre where a new 14 year class will be created in 2017 within an annex of the DAEU preparation center.

Published on 05/07/2016

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