Previous French Ambassadors to Vanuatu [fr]

French Ambassadors to Vanuatu
Ms Élisabeth ROSA, Chargée d’Affaires since March 2019
Mr Robby Judes since November 2018
Mr Gilles Favret since February 2017
Mr Alain du Boispean since September 2014
Mr Michel Djokovic Since November 2011
Ms François Maylié September 2008
Mr Pierre Mayaudon September 2005
Mr Jean Garbe April 2002
Mr Patrick Amiot July 1999
Mr Jean-Claude Moreau September 1996
Mr Jean Mazeo August 1992
Mr Philippe Guérin, chargé d’affaires ai February 1990
Mr Henri Crépin-Leblond May 1986
Mr Phillipe Baude April 1984
Mr Marc Menguy September 1981
Mr Yves Rodrigues July 1980

Published on 03/05/2019

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