Pupils visit the French Navy ship « La Moqueuse » [fr]

On Friday 14th 2014, the patrol boat “La Moqueuse” of the Armed Forces of New-Caledonia (FANC) was back from its humanitarian mission in TAFEA province and welcomed on board pupils for an educationalc visit.

The chief of operations, Pierre-Emmanuel Sales, led the visit for the 60 pupils from the Centre School of Port-Vila. These children from year 7 to 10 visited the whole ship and were given explanation about all the navigation tools and the mission of the boat.

La Moqueuse - JPEG
The main mission of “La Moqueuse” is to patrol along the costs, in international waters or in the French territorial waters, to check if no illegal fishing activities are taking place. In addition to its patrol duty, the boat can also be used for civil or humanitarian missions, as it was the case last week with the TAFEA province and the French Embassy.

Published on 25/08/2014

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