Restoration of the health center in Loh (Torba province)

The Ministry of Health and French and Australian development partners are working hand in hand to restore the health center in Loh (Torres archipelago)

The French Ambassador in Vanuatu, Mr. Michel DJOKOVIC, and the Minister for Health, Mr. Rialuth Serge VOHOR, have signed on 1 August a memorandum of agreement with a view to establish a framework for the rehabilitation of the health center in Loh. This center is the only healthcare structure available to the inhabitants of the Torres archipelago (around one thousand persons).

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French ambassador and minister of Health

This health center has never been restored since it was first built before Vanuatu became independent in 1980. Because of its state of dilapidation the restoration of the buildings was considered as a priority for the surrounding rural communities to be able to get a better access to healthcare.

The French Embassy has pledged 2 million vatus (around 16 000 euros) to buy the materials to fully restore the roof of the health center including the roof insulation and the sanitation of the rain water collecting system.

Through the program to stamp outt malaria financed by the Australian government, the Ministry of Health has committed to buy the necessary materials to restore the buildings (laboratory, windows…), shipment charges and salary for the workers.

The French Ambassador has emphasized the fact that this renovation project is a sterling example of cooperation as it contributes towards the well-being of rural communities in Vanuatu.

After one month of works the restoration is now over and the buildings will be inaugurated shortly.

Published on 25/08/2014

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