Special focus on Education and Francophonie [fr]

Education and francophonie took pride of place in Noumea during the 2016 Joint Committee under the Regional Cooperation Agreement between France/New Caledonia and Vanuatu.

The members of the 2016 Joint Committee with, center, the Prime Minister of Vanuatu, Charlot Salwai, the French Ambassador to Vanuatu, Alan du Boispéan, and the President of the government of New Caledonia, Philippe Germain.

The Prime Minister, Mr. Charlot SALWAI, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Bruno LEINGKONE, and the Minister of Education, Mr. Jean-Pierre NIRUA, visited Noumea within the framework of the Regional Cooperation Agreement whose aim is to strengthen links between New Caledonia and Vanuatu. Together with Mr. Alain du BOISPEAN, the French ambassador to Vanuatu, Mr. Vincent BOUVIER, the High Commissioner of the French republic in New Caledonia, and Mr. Philippe GERMAIN, the President of the government of New Caledonia, they attended the joint committee, that is to say the decision making body set up under the Regional Cooperation Agreement. For the first time in its fourteen year’ existence, French was the working language of the committee.

A call for projects was launched from February 29th to April 8th, 2016, and a total of 51 projects were received. They were reviewed during the technical committee that took place in Noumea on May 18th, 2016. This year the Prime Minister of Vanuatu wished to give priority to education, francophonie and training. 9 projects were retained during the joint committee on May20th, 2016 with a total budget of 36.5 million vatu.

This program is financed by the Government of New Caledonia and by France under the Pacific Funds. The chosen projects are distributed as below:
• 40 % of credits will go to scholarships for students in AES Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree
• 25 % to university and scientific projects
• 18 % to cultural exchanges and francophonie
• 17 % to teachers’ training and to the improvement of digital technology in education

Moreover the joint committee provided an opportunity for both New Caledonia and Vanuatu to consider an ambitious strategy for closer relation and therefore further cooperation, with the aim to engage in a comprehensive partnership.

Published on 26/05/2016

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