Support to French speaking higher education [fr]

The French embassy and the Alliance française support French speaking higher education

Mr. Alain du Boispéan, French Ambassador, Mr. Georges Cumbo, Director of the Alliance Française and students in 2nd and 3rd year of AES Bachelor’s degree

Supporting French speaking Vanuatu students is one of the top priorities of the France-Vanuatu Cooperation. From this perspective, the French Embassy allocates scholarships every year to Ni-Van students to help them study in French speaking curriculum in Vanuatu, in New Caledonia or in France.

This financing support contributes to the students’ full involvement in their studies and in the development of their knowledge and competencies. This support also represents an investment in the education of French speaking professionals who will shortly contribute in the development and prosperity of their country.

For this year 2016, the French Embassy renewed its scholarship allocation to 13 young Ni-Vanuatu students pursuing their curriculum in New Caledonia or France, ranging from level L2 to PhD level. The Embassy is also supporting continuing education for 6 French speaking Ni-Vanuatu teachers who are specializing with a Master’s Degree in Training, Teaching and Education practices and design in New Caledonia University.

At the same time, and given the great number of students willing to study using the French language, the French Embassy and the Alliance Française will give a financial support to all students in the 2nd and 3rd year of AES Bachelor’s Degree (30 students). This funding comes from the French and New Caledonian governments through the Agreement on Cooperation between France, New Caledonia and Vanuatu (CCR).

The AES Bachelor’s Degree from Toulouse Capitole 1 University is hosted on the AUF campus (Francophone University Agency) in Port Vila. It is the only higher education curriculum in French language available in Vanuatu. As such, it is very important for the French Embassy and the Alliance Française to support this course and enable French speaking Ni-Vanuatu students to become its future graduates.

The French Embassy and the Alliance Française are delighted to contribute to the serenity and the continuity of these Ni-Vanuatu students in their studies, and are proud to go towards Vanuatu development.

Published on 03/02/2016

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