Support to Vanuatu teachers [fr]

New Caledonia and the French Embassy support the teachers of Vanuatu

An agreement promoting Ni-Vanuatu teacher training was signed on 18 May at the Institute of Teacher Training of Vanuatu (VITE) in the presence of the Minister of Education, Bob Loughman, the French Ambassador, Alain Boispéan, the acting Director of the ESPE, Yannick Lerrant, the director of VITE, Jack Matariki, and the educational coordinator of VITE, Anne-Rose Tjiobang. The agreement is a partnership between the Higher School of Teaching and Education (ESPE), with the University of New Caledonia, and VITE with the aim to enhance the possibilities for further studies open to teachers.

Jack Matariki, director of VITE, recalled the support received in the past from France, whether through the Higher School of the Teaching and Education in New Caledonia or through technical assistants sent from France assistants to work in VITE. VITE’s mission is to provide teachers with a quality initial training in order to strengthen the level of education in schools throughout the country.

The agreement signed on 18 May aims at improving the level and qualifications of Vanuatu francophones trainers and teachers. It also aims to promote the development of a training policy for teachers in Vanuatu throughout their careers.

Thanks to the convention, VITE French-speaking trainers will be enrolled in the ESPE-UNC in 2015 for a Master 2 degree called “Teaching, Education and Training professions: Engineering and Practices of Training". Later Vanuatu experienced teachers who hold a Bachelor’s degree may also be enrolled in that same Master degree. Thus six trainers will study for this Master 2 from September 2015 thanks to a scholarship from the French embassy. The Minister of Education Bob Loughman thanked the French government for its support, reminding that in accordance with the constitution, it is important to promote education in the language of one’s choice, and that on a basis of equality.

Published on 20/05/2015

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