The Francophone Bachelor degree enters a new phase [fr]

On Tuesday December 3th, the framework agreement for the Francophone Bachelor Degree in Economics and Social Administration issued by the French university of Toulouse Capitole 1 has been signed. Through this agreement the Francophone Bachelor degree, the first French speaking university level degree in Vanautu, enters a long-term perspective and takes roots in Vanuatu.

This convention has been signed by the Prime Minister, Hon. Moana Carcasses, in presence of the Minister of Education, Hon. Bob Laughman and of the Minister of Finances, Hon. Maki Stanley Simelum, and by the French Ambassador, Mr. Michel Djokovic. The Francophone University Agency (AUF) and the University of Toulouse Capitole 1 are also parties to this convention.
Within this agreement, the commitments of all the stakeholders are defined precisely regarding the three phases of the project. First the experimental phase with the first students enrolled in 2013. Then an intermediary phase with a new promotion enrolled in 2014, jointly managed by the AUF and the Ministry of Education of Vanuatu. And then, the finale phase involves all the following promotions fully managed by the Ministry of Education of Vanuatu. 2014 will be a crucial year with the recruitment of a new management team.

The first class of students has been launched thanks to the funding of the French Embassy and the government of New-Caledonia. 65% of the students passed the end of year exam, a highly successful rate compared to France where the average successful rate amounts only to 40%. These positives results ensure a bright future for this multidisciplinary course, open to students and to public servants.

Young people from Vanuatu may now benefit from a wider academic offer and every student, whether Francophone or Anglophone, will be able to choose an adequate training course to build a rewarding career.

Published on 25/08/2014

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