The French Embassy supports Good Governance in Vanuatu [fr]

The French Embassy is pleased to announce its support of good governance in Vanuatu through the funding from its Cooperation and Cultural Action Department of grants for two major NGOs in Vanuatu: Transparency Vanuatu and Youth Challenge Vanuatu.


The 390 000 vatu grant awarded by the French Embassy to Transparency Vanuatu will allow the organisation to print 4 000 copies of three booklets written in Bislama. These booklets are intended to raise awareness in Vanuatu youth about democracy, i.e. fighting corruption and the rights and duties of Vanuatu’s citizens. These booklets’ are entitled “Korapsen”, “Raet mo Duties” and “Konstitusen”. Through its actions, Transparency Vanuatu wishes to reinforce the political involvement of the countries youth in the fight against corruption (“Korapsen”).

The 400 000 vatu grant awarded by the French Embassy to Youth Challenge Vanuatu - will allow 15 volunteers from Santo to fly to Mota Lava where they will help the community of Telvet to build a school library . The library has been funded through the Development Social Fund of the French Embassy. For the first time, Youth Challenge Vanuatu will be able to send some volunteers to the Banks Islands.

These two grants are part of the French Embassy’s program to reinforce good governance in Vanuatu and to support professional training of urban youth many of whom have dropped out of school or are unemployed. Transparency Vanuatu’s Civic Awareness campaign and Youth Challenge Vanuatu’s training program can help to reach these goals. The French Embassy is therefore proud to support both organizations and to maintain these ongoing partnerships.

Published on 25/08/2014

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