The multi-mission vessel "D’entrecasteaux" visiting Vanuatu

The B2M "d’Entrecasteaux" arrived Wednesday, January 9 in Port Vila after conducting a monitoring exercise of the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Republic of Vanuatu in cooperation with a Guardian of the French Navy based in Noumea.
Colonel Jean-François Hery-Goisnard, Armed Forces of New-Caledonia (FANC) Joint Chief of Staff was present to coordinate this exercise. Accompanied by the French ambassador, Colonel Héry-Goisnard, the Pacha of "d’Entrecasteaux", Lieutenant-Commander Jonglez and the Defense Attaché of the Embassy, ​​Commander Litzler paid a courtesy call on President of Vanuatu.
A lunch was then served on board in honor of Vanuatu’s Prime Minister, Mr. Charlot Salwai.
This French military presence was an opportunity to train Vanuatu specialists to secure the country’s fishing zones.

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The Ambassador Mr. Robby JUDES with the président of the Republic of Vanuatu, Mr. Moses Tali Obed, the Colonel Héry-Goisnard, Joint Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of New-Caledonia and the Commander of the vessel "D’Entrecasteaux" Severin JONGLEZ.
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The prime minister Charlot Salwai Tabimasmas welcomed on board of the multi-mission vessel "D’Entrecasteaux" by the Ambassador of France, Mr Robby JUDES, and the Joint Chief of Staff, the Colonel Jean-François Héry-Goisnard, of the Armed Forces of New Caledonia (FANC).
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The Ambassador Mr Robby JUDES in discussion with the prime minister Charlot Salwai Tabimasmas, the Colonel Héry-Goisnard, the Commander of the vessel "D’Entrecasteaux" Severin Jonglez, the Attaché of Defence, Stephan Litzler and the Commander of the Maritime Wing of Vanuatu, Mr.Collin Ioan Kalwatman, .

Published on 14/01/2019

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