The new national identity card

The deployment of the new national identity card will take effect in the consular network before August 2, 2021

For the past three years, France has been in the process of modernizing the national identity card, whose current format dates back to 1995.

The new ID card will be more secure, more practical and will have a modernized design. The public authorities intend to fight ever more effectively against identity fraud (false documents, usurpation).

This desire to modernize is part of a European framework, as all European Union Member States have committed to introducing a new ID card format before August 2, 2021, through a regulation of the European Parliament and the Council of Europe.

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It will be in the form of a bank card (like the new driver’s license) and will contain a highly secure electronic chip with a photo of the holder’s face and fingerprints.

It will also be equipped with a visual electronic seal allowing automatic reading. This new card should help fight against fraud and identity theft.

When and how to obtain the new national identity card?

The current procedure for obtaining a CNI from our consular services remains unchanged.

Users who request the creation of a first title or the renewal of an expired title will be issued a new identity card.

Do I need to renew my old card?

You do not need to renew your current card early if it is still valid.

You will not be able to travel within the European Union with your old card until 2031.

Required fingerprinting

When applying for an identity card, it will be necessary to give your fingerprints so that they can be integrated into the card’s chip.

They will not be kept in the national data processing system if the cardholder requests it.

A new validity period

The new card will be valid for ten years, instead of fifteen, in order to comply with European regulations.

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Published on 22/02/2023

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